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Do you have a style guide?

Answer to how best to edit and clean-up a transcript for a Sonix user

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We don't currently have a style guide. We are currently getting a lot of podcasters that need their transcripts cleaned-up inside Sonix so they can leverage our online media player.

Here are the key stylistic points:

  1. Please create new paragraphs (hit enter) where it feels appropriate. The new paragraph should include the new speaker name.

  2. Include filler words like "kind of, you know, like"

  3. It is fine to start sentences with "And, but, and so".

  4. "Gonna" can be written as "gonna". There is no need to change to "going to". 

  5. If a speaker is not identifiable, please use "Male Voice" or "Female Voice" as the speaker name.

  6. Use clean verbatim, or non-strict verbatim. This would be a method that retains everything but the false starts, stutters, ums, uhs, and other extraneous noises (coughs, laughing, background utterances), but retains everything else being said, so there is no loss of context or accuracy.  

There are two transcripts on this page that are a good example of what the end result looks like after a podcast or radio show has been transcribed, edited, and published:

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