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Where do I get my invoices & receipts?
Where do I get my invoices & receipts?

Answers to questions about your invoices & receipts from Sonix

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Invoices and receipts are issued for all Sonix payments.

We list all payments, subscriptions, transcription costs, adjustments, and refunds in your account here:
​For transactions related to subscription plans (Premium & Enterprise Plans)

A subscription fee is charged every month (or year) on your billing cycle. Your billing cycle starts on the day you subscribe (pay) for a Sonix subscription.

Transcription fees are billed at the end of the billing cycle. We sum up all the transcription costs for the month and charge you once.

​For transactions related to the Standard Plan pay-as-you-go plan

With the Standard Plan, you purchase transcription hours up front. As you use Sonix to transcribe audio and video files, your transcription hours will deplete. This tracked in your 'Transcription Log'.

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