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Does Sonix work with Zapier?
Does Sonix work with Zapier?

Details on Sonix integrations with Zapier and how to get started

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Yes! Sonix’s integration with Zapier lets you connect with 1,000's of apps to automate your audio transcription, video transcription, and subtitling needs.

Zapier watches your apps for new data and then kicks off actions from the rules you preset. Here are some of the things Sonix + Zapier can do

  1. Automatically transcribe your audio and video files stored on other services

  2. Send your transcripts to predefined folders

  3. Send you notifications when your transcripts are complete

You can see all the Zapier integrations in your account in your preferences menu:

It's easy to get started...just click on any of the prebuilt Zaps we've created for you and you'll be off to automation utopia.

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