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Fix speaker labeling issues
Fix speaker labeling issues

Quickly fix issues related to auto speaker labeling

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By default, Sonix will automatically label speakers. For most media files, this will work great, and you'll see speakers labeled as Speaker1, Speaker2, etc.

Occasionally, with poor quality audio, we may incorrectly detect extra speakers. This can cause a situation where Speaker1 and Speaker2 are actually the same person.

Good news! Sonix provides tools to easily fix this—you can quickly merge them together.

How to merge speakers:

1. Rename Speaker2 to Speaker1, as shown below:

2. From the "Speakers" menu, click "Fix Speakers."

Then choose to merge adjacent speakers in the popup:

If adjacent paragraphs are labeled with the same speaker, we'll merge them together automatically.

Once that is done, you'll see the paragraphs nicely merged and the punctuation will automatically be fixed! 🎉

How to get full paragraphs:

If the above merging speakers didn't work for you, it's easy to clear our speaker labeling completely:

1. Go back to the 'Fix Speakers' popup.

2. Choose the 'Condense and clear all speaker names' option.

You'll have a transcript with all the speaker labeling will be removed and paragraphs of about 500 words each.

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