It's not a worry at all. You've probably edited your transcript to perfection, but in the process some of the timestamps got jumbled. Here are two potential issues and how to fix them:

Subtitles that are less than a second in duration

Premiere Pro doesn't like really short subtitles. If you go to your Sonix Editor Preferences (bottom right button) and activate the "Highlight invalid subtitles" option, Sonix will automatically highlight all subtitles that are less than a second in red.

Click on any red timestamp and adjust the start and/or end time accordingly so that it is longer than one second; after saving, the timestamp will no longer be red. Then, export a new SRT file and try importing it again into Premiere Pro.

Line breaks in your subtitles are being exported

You might have a few line breaks in your SRT file that is confusing Premiere Pro. Open the SRT file in your favorite text editor (Notepad on PC and Sublime Text on Mac).

Then, make sure that every subtitle is associated with a timestamp. You may have a line of text that is floating (not attached to a particular subtitle). Just move that line of text so it is part of the correct subtitle and try importing it again into Premiere Pro.

If you have any other Premiere Pro related questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team at [email protected].

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