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Setting up folders and users for privacy
Setting up folders and users for privacy

Ensuring privacy and security within your Sonix account

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If you have multiple users and you don't want anyone to see anything else that others are working on, follow these steps:


STEP 1: Ensure all folders are only accessed by you

On your home page ( click on each folders that you have created and then click the little shield icon. Click the "Specific people" option and make sure there are no users with access (check box should be empty). If you have not added any users, then this area will be blank.

STEP 2: Create new user

Create a new user and select role as "Individual member". This will send an email to the user to create their own password. They will need to confirm their account and create a password prior to STEP 3.
​STEP 3: Specify folder

Click on the folder that you wish to assign to a specific user, then click the Shield icon again. Click "Specific people" and then select the user that you want to assign to that folder.

This will ensure that each user can only see the folder that you assign them, and nothing else.

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