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How do I transcribe in two or more languages?
How do I transcribe in two or more languages?

It requires some extra steps

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Sonix is primarily focused on single-language transcripts. We do have one language pair (English and Spanish). You can find this in the drop-down menu under Language Pairs when you upload a file.

For other language pairs, you will need to follow the below process. Note we will not offer refunds for files that attempt this process.

Sonix can transcribe the multi-language file, but it requires a few extra steps and a bit more money since you have to re-process the file multiple times.

  1. Upload your file to Sonix multiple tiles; once for each language. (extra $ to transcribe each time)

  2. Retype the second language into the transcript of the first language. Copy and paste may cause editing problems and timecode errors.

  3. Lastly, you'll need to use our "Realign timecodes" feature to realign the timecodes. The realignment feature is language-agnostic so it works across multiple languages, but it doesn't mean that it is perfect, especially with less popular languages. Note that there is an additional $ / hour charge for realignment.


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